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This page lists both personal projects and corporate sponsored projects I had a significant role in architecting and/or implementing. Most internal tools written for previous employers will not have external links becuase they are only accesible from internal networks.

Fusebox Angular Universal Starter

Source Code | Demo

A starter repository for anyone wanting a simple way to start using Fuse-Box with Angular Universal for server side renderening. This starter includes many features like Angular 5, Jest unit testing, Brotli compression, sitemap generation, lazy loaded modules, and much more!

FloSports 3.0 Web Platform


Angular Universal based content delivery platform for FloSport's many sports.

Atlas Workflow Engine

Atlas Reusable Component Library

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Tool (BCDR)

IT Emergency Response Process Management Tool (ITERPmt)

We built a tool to help facilitate the IT Emergency Response process. Before we built the new tool, the process was scattered between Excel files, Sharepoint sites, and lots of human glue.


The vision of was to provide a single place for the employee to view and update employee data. We started by combining the features of the employee/org search app with expert finding functionality. I designed and helped develop the front-end of the application.

Intel IT Infrastructure Intelligence (I4)


Source Code

Java based GoFish card game created for a university project

This Homepage

Source Code | Demo

A simple personal homepage