This page lists both personal and corporate sponsored projects I had a significant role in designing and implementing. Most internal tools written for previous employers will not have external links becuase they are not accesible throught the internet.

  1. Hip.Fit

    Micro-workouts, stretches and physical therapy inspired exercises. Improve your Fitness. Fix your Posture. Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury. Live Pain-Free. Web application written in Node and Angular Universal.

  2. Fusebox Angular Universal Starter

    A starter repository for anyone wanting a simple way to start using Fuse-Box with Angular Universal for server side renderening. This starter includes many features like Angular 5, Jest unit testing, Brotli compression, sitemap generation, lazy loaded modules, and much more!

    • Angular as the application framework
    • Angular Material as the UI language and component library
    • Angular Firebase for easy user authentication
    • Angular Flex Layout for dynamic responsive layouts
    • Fully typed build tools and application using TypeScript
    • Manage your type definitions using @types (easier than using typings)
    • Automatic sitemap generation
    • SCSS support for professional grade CSS management
    • Full favicon icon generation for multiple devices derived from a single seed image
    • Analyze bundle sizes by using source-map-explorer
    • Cookies Support
    • Simple Ad-Blocker detection service
    • Angular testing with Jest (faster than Karma)
    • End-to-end (e2e) testing with Nightmare
    • CircleCI unit testing support
    • FuseBox bundling (faster than Webpack and JSPM)
    • Brotli compression with gzip fallback
    • Lazy Loaded modules
    • Coming Soon: Tree-Shaking builds
    • Coming Soon: Support for Angular Mobile Toolkit (Service Worker)
    • Production and development builds
    • Simple Heroku deployment
    • HttpStateTransfer for caching server responses on client boostrap (no flickering on load)
    • SEO support for Title and Meta tags
    • OG (Open Graph) tags for social sharing
    • Vendor-agnostic analytics using angulartics2
  3. FloSports 3.0 Web Platform

    Angular Universal based content delivery platform for FloSport's many sports.

    • Angular 5 and Node JS
    • Isomorphic (Server Rendered) Single Page App content delivery system
    • Custom live stream video player
    • Multi-tenant (supports over 20 sports)
  4. ZetaFish

    Java based GoFish card game created for a university project

  5. Atlas Workflow Engine (Blizzard Entertainment)

  6. Atlas Reusable Component Library (Blizzard Entertainment)

  7. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Tool (Intel Corporation)

  8. IT Emergency Response Process Management Tool (Intel Corporation)

    We built a tool to help facilitate the IT Emergency Response process. Before we built the new tool, the process was scattered between Excel files, Sharepoint sites, and lots of human glue.

  9. People App (Intel Corporation)

    The vision of was to provide a single place for the employee to view and update employee data. We started by combining the features of the employee/org search app with expert finding functionality.

  10. IT Infrastructure Intelligence (Intel Corporation)

    Developed the web services and web interface for Intel IT’s application-server intelligence platform. Implemented a custom linear optimization model to determine best-case hosting configuration of the entire fleet of virtual machines based on a set of business constraints.

  11. This Website